Creation on Vacation
Making whilst on Holiday in the rolling hills of Devon

Staycreation is Made On Holiday’s collection of long weekends of making in Devon; residential workshops with craft and creativity: from knitting to textiles, through embroidery to sewing, for people that would love to make something with their hands whilst having a short break.  A great way to slow down, be mindful and re-connect with the body, whilst bringing people together. Meeting new people that share the same passion is a great way to help you relax and enjoy the trip.

We simply wanted to put together the ‘perfect creative retreat’ for our participants. We think the ideal client for our retreats is us, so with this in mind we have created the best experience, one that we would love to go on ourselves. In the last few years we have seen a boom in the handmade and making sectors. This is probably partly because of the economic situation, partly due to the consequences of the mass-produced market, the lack of details and individuality, where everything is made only to save time and costs. There is a new way to see second-hand and vintage and the up-cycling and recycling world; not only for the collector or for people with a more limited budget, but all of us, re-using what is already available and creating: a shopping bag or a print for our living room, an accessory to display or jewellery to give to a close friend as a gift. The list of what you can create as your way to express yourself is endless. We hope you will have great fun holidaying with us, sharing moments and creating opportunities for life. Because you can come back from your retreat with memories and a souvenir  (like we do) and this time the souvenir is handmade by you. What’s not to like? 


All Made On holiday artists are also lecturers and tutors in their own field, with several years of experience in teaching. Our tutors are all well known in the craft, art and making industry and they are happy to share with you their skills and follow your creation week step by step. All our retreats are perfect for beginners and for someone that has already explored a particular craft. During the weekend you will have plenty of time for creating, and time for exploring the surroundings, sharing experiences with the group and ultimately to experience your own time away.

Mari: I have a background in social anthropology and communications, and several years in the publishing and journalism industry. My passion for the arts, craft and beautiful things started in Milan, where I grew up, and my enthusiasm has been reinforced with my life in England, where I have lived since 1997.
DavidI have a varied background in travelling, counselling and as a TEFL teacher and coach, and am working together with Mari to develop the project and to keep an eye on the growth of the business. I spent several years abroad, including The Netherlands and experiencing a bit of the Dolce Vita in Milan, before deciding that the UK is where I am happiest.


We will make a donation to  Fine Cell Work for every booking made.
We are happy to support Fine Cell Work, a social enterprise that trains prisoners in paid, skilled, creative needlework.
For more information about their work, please click the Fine Cell Work logo below.